Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Thoughts on Secessionists

Oh boy, yet another county is voting to secede from the State they are part of. There are numerous counties in northern CO that want to secede from CO and become either their own state or part of another state. Siskiyou Co. in northern CA voted to do the same last night.

Why? oddly enough these are all republican counties that do not feel as if they are fully represented by the Democratic majority. Well, guess what? I lived in CO for years when it was a republican stronghold, in Jefferson County when it was run by a very conservative church in Arvada. When you don't get your way, you DO NOT OFFER TO TAKE YOUR BALL and go home. Democracy is advanced citizenship (thank you "American President"). You might even have to work on compromises for the good of the whole. self-sacrifice in ways that does not involve war or emergency situations. Being adult and wise.

A good lesson to learn. BTW, honestly, if I could have seceded from the United States of Cheney/Bush I probably would have and even thought of becoming an expat if Romney won. That said, maybe if you don't like the country you live in and do not want to solve problems, you could leave. I understand Somalia, the libertarian paradise, still has some real estate.


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