Sunday, January 08, 2012

Football Stuff

I seldom comment about football on the blog. Two things after the Bowl season (still not complete) and the first round of the playoffs.

The Chargers have taken a lot of heat for not playing well lately. There have been many calls for the coaches head. I do not like the Chargers or Norv Turner, but they are short on talent. Just three eyars ago they had Ladanian Thomas at running back, with Michael Turner (now of the Falcons) as Backup and Sproles of New Orleans as his backup. The defense had the two Shawns at Defensive end/LB rushing the quarterback, Olivsky at nose tackle. They are just depleted.

College football is fun. However, the money is ridiculous. Texas has a revenue of $70+ MILLION dollars for college football. Coaches make a whole bunch more money than tenured specialists. It is ridiculous. One of the better conferences, Mountain West, has lost Utah, Brigham Young, Boise State and TCU to defections. Mountain West was never guaranteed a spot in the BCS Bowl series, which means at least $6M more than they are making now. Keep in mind Boise State and TCU two years ago combined for one loss. They can’t afford not to take the guaranteed money. Too bad and even worse the Big East was guaranteed a BCS Bowl team while Mountain West was not. It is said to see money have that much control over college.


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