Saturday, September 17, 2011


I have not made many political posts lately. Obama has been a little center right for my tastes. and the last two Republican debates have really bothered me. I have seen cheers for executions and shouts of "Let Him Die!" about a theoretical man who is in a coma. My heart is very heavy because what claims to be a Christian society has become so bloodthirsty. I expect public hangings and beheadings as entertainment. Sarcastically, maybe we could pay off the debt by charging admission. Pride in having someone executed who may be not guilty. Yes, governor Perry, it takes balls to do that. Especially when you ask someone ELSE to do the deed. I would be more impressed if you went in, knife in teeth and did it yourself. Heartbreaking we Americans have become such a vile bunch. I am surprised that Vlad the Impaler T-shirts, replete with heads on posts, are not in fashion. There is a blood lust that is amazing. In those who say they are Christians, no less. Please read the New Testament.

And on other subjects, I see Swiss Bank lost $2B to a rogue trader. If he made money, would he still be rogue? and they had him arrested. So, the bank post a loss, and they have the guy arrested. Yet, in the States, the banks post a loss and Bush bails them out. They don't lose jobs, they get bonuses and Americans lose their 401ks, homes and jobs. and no arrests. It is maddening. And we have no aid for these people. Even more maddening is that banksters compensation can be taken at a later date through futures and the sale of stock is taxed at a lower rate, if at all. and we wonder why there is a debt. Did you notice there is no regulations yet passed to prevent this from happening again? I was a small business man and scratch my head. Easy when you play with the money of others.

Finally, teh Boner says job creators are waiting for a better climate as they have lost confidence. In what, America? They are creating jobs overseas easily enough. Maybe if we lowered the minimum wage to $2/day they would come back. You mean all the tax loopholes they have is not enough? Face it, the job creators are right here in our towns. Small to medium family run businesses. They can't get credit to expand. Large multi-nationals just care about the bottom line. They can move to another country, just as Halliburton did (and yet they still get defense contracts in opposition to the Buy American law that is on the books--Roosevelt passed it.)


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