Thursday, June 16, 2011

Somehow, It Just Doesn't Seem Fair

It may come as a shock to those too young to remember the FBI infiltrating the Black Panthers, the SDS and many other left wing groups, but here we go again. Yes, peaceniks of the world are now being targeted once again as terrorists. Yet this diatribe against US citizens that goes under the guise of right wing political talk radio gets no real investigation.

Yep, Neil Boortz can suggest the random killing of blacks and thugs and peace groups and labor unions get daytimers gone through and so on. For fomenting revolution and death to US citizens, you'd think the Patriot Act might just kick in. Weiner must retire, so goes the media call and yet those who want to foment killing just bop along with no punishment. Anyone who thinks that the right wing does not control much of the US, let alone the intelligence and decision making operations really do not have a firm grasp on reality. And where, oh where, is the liberal media on this one? Hint, it never existed.

I just don't even know what to say other than if you watch CNN you probably never saw either of these stories.

and now this. An academic who was a critic of Iraq was spied on by the CIA under the orders of President Bush. Thjis is treasonous and goes to the heart of the American dream. Are we political animals, political Darwinists, or a country that has hopes dreams and a Constitution?


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