Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Shock Economics This is one of the more pessimistic versions of current events and economic theory I have read recently. I truly hope that the union busting of the current regimes in the Midwest does not go through, because if it does, this is the likely alternative. We can blame President Clinton for agreeing to NAFTA and others things, but many people had the chance to object to this, to the bailout of the banksters, the bonuses that were allowed to be paid, etc. I mean, where else would these bastards go to work if they did not get their bonuses? Barclay Bank, MickieDees, Burger thing? Where? They know they had it coming to them and we said "let's bend over." If unioin busting is completed, the robber barons are back in charge and nothing short of an armed revolution will work. rojo

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