Sunday, January 09, 2011

A Sad Day's Thoughts

After the shooting in Tucson, it becomes all the more obvious that the vitriol of the political debate--where politicians cite second amendment solutions, without fear of being brought up on treason charges--really is out of control. If he was working alone and over the edge from listening to too much talk radio, we have an issue.

It is just a sad state of affairs when politicians have to fear for their lives because of stands on such things as health care.

It also shows how far off the dialogue is in this country--where expanded health care that embraces capitalistic principles of the insurance business (except a 20% cap) is seen as socialist. The democrats let everyone call it Obamacare with calling it something else and the so-called "liberal" media calls it Obmamcare, not even thinking of the spite and hate in that title.


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