Monday, December 27, 2010

On the Day After Christmas, Mr. Freidman Said To Me...

I just read Tom Freidman's interview where he stated this generation needs to suck it up and cut back. Get us out of debt. Yet, he was behind the tax cuts. I love, absolutely love, that the richest expect to keep theirs (inheritance tax, tax rate cuts for hedge fund managers--I would love to pay only 15%, and tax cuts to the rich), yet entitlement programs such as food stamps, welfare and ultimately Social Security (really a separate fund and program that is not part of the US General Fund, just don't mention that in the details) should go away. So should medical insurance and then emergency rooms become primary care if you can't afford routine medical treatment. Man, that is easy to say when you have a cool million or two stashed away.

If he really cared he would be willing to pay way more taxes to help right the country, maybe even work as a lifetime service worker for the State. But no, he bloviates and makes beau coup buckos and wants to keep it that way. A true Christian would throw him out of the temple, publically excoriate the moneychanger.

Again, no. It is maddening that those who really need help, the lower and middle classes keep listening to asshats like this and wonder why the money never trickles down to them. Isn't that the way it is supposed to work? Just ask St. Reagan. The economy has never been the same since supply side and trickle down were added to the American lexicon. Trickling down sounds an awful lot like pissing on my head.


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