Friday, October 01, 2010

Serious on a Friday, Why?

I am amazed that in the past week I have learned that Bechtel, the engineering giant, probably the largest construction company in the US, is considered a small business. So are many of the Koch Brothers' subsidiary network. The classification has to do with how they are organized and how they are owned. So they get small business tax breaks everywhere, if they pay taxes. I just read that McMahon's pro wrestling circus (you know, the one with all the insane ads on TV) is a small business. So maybe the claim that republican claims that small businesses that small businesses actually account of most of the employment in the US is true. Maybe small business needs to be redefined. Firms like my wife's medical transcription firm are small businesses. One, two, three employees. Bechtel--not a chance. What this tells me is that someone paid for a vote somewhere and now that graft is engraved in stone. How could a firm with 20,000 or more employees be a small business? The worst part about this is that most Americans don't know. Keith Olbermann--Yes, Komrade Keith, from whom we get marching orders nightly in secret code no less (decoder rings available for 4 box tops of any product purchased at your local co-op), ,did a great piece on this. 3% of small businesses account for 50% of the small business income in the country.

Also, I have seen where Senator Jim deMint of somewhere south of here has offered to personally block anything in the Senate he doesn't agree with to grind the government to a halt. By Senate rules he can do this. It is allowed. I have seen this over and over again. I have seem Jim Bunning (R, Senator, Kentucky) state the words made famous by Reagan-"the scariest words I have ever heard is I am from the government and and here to help..." If you are so afraid of governance, policy and politics as a form of compromise and policy, why do you run for government? If you don't want to govern, why take part in government? Governance is not easy work and gets dirty. You can't take your ball and go home. That is immature. A ploy by spoiled kids in palygrounds.

Oh right, I forgot about power and its subsequent adjunct, sex appeal. personal opinion is that deMint can't grow a chin, he better stay in government if he wants to get laid.

This is a question I have always had--drive to power to do nothing, why????? Is it a subconscious thing?

I don't get it and New Orleans still suffers because of it.


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