Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Why the Rich Aren't Like Us, part 1

It was just one of those days when things were making emotional impressions on me. I heard that Williams of the Cowboys, in an attempt to get back at Dez Bryant (rookie) for not carrying his pads invited many to his rookie dinner. I guess this is an NFL tradition and the dinner tab runs maybe $10,000. Gack! Well, in this case it ran damn near $55,000. Expensive lesson in rookie ethics. It is also bullying. I am sure that the camaraderie of the team will be fine after that! No devisiveness there. By the same token, that amount of money spent on one meal could feed 25 families of four with careful shopping for two weeks. Every now and then professional sports and salaries depress me.

But not so much as the fabled You Tube video of the crash of a $1,000,000 Ferrari. Totalled. Enough to feed 5,000 familes of four for 2 weeks. Another thing is that one car purchase may have employed 10-12 people for two weeks. Maybe two months. In normal car terms, that is 50 new cars and jobs for 30-40 people for a month or two. The toys of the rich really don't power economic engines.


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