Saturday, July 31, 2010

Wishes For A Saturday

I have been so depressed lately at the decision-making process as it takes place in the good old US. Some of the most obvious problems are employment and dependence on foreign oil. Let's see--many unemployed people (whose benefits continually run out and renewing their benefits constantly makes news as they are turned down because, of course, they are lazy and want to stay out of work) and the lack of renewable energy. Hmmm. What to do, What to do?

Okay, for all who do not just want government handouts for the unemployed. Let's give some of the unemployed a broom, a shovel, whatever and pay for their transportation to job sites where they can work part-time for their benefits. That way we get results for social programs and government handouts. The rest of time they can look for work. And if your industry was making electronics, which has been shipped overseas, train them in solar and wind power. Make it a damned initiative to make jobs and get us from 70% foreign oil consumption for power to 30%. No more of this 20% by 2020. Grow a pair! Do something dramatic!

We voted for change we can believe in. I understand the need for compromise and this administration has probably been the most effective since Johnson or Nixon (yes, Nixon--who would be at worst a conservative Democrat considering the current political climate, remember he created the EPA). We got Health Care and Financial Reform, even if they were watered down. We need more as our country sees its independence, based upon GDP and military might, go away. Yes, it is hard to swallow that just becasue we can destroy the world 10 times over with our weapons that the best we can do is destroy the world. We can't remake it in our image (whatever that is). We need to get along with people and perhaps we could use our might to help.

Okay, so much for pipe dreams. I was one who wanted a corps in the Middle East in blue unifroms building schools and hospitals and the like so they could not be confused with military and actually built infrastructure and aid as we invaded.

We still need to get people to work and get away from oil. My big question is what is the plan, Stan? I know we live in an era where there still is argument about the reality of global warming in Congress. and in an era where some want Iran to meet Israel in pitched battle so the Second Coming will be a reality (and they used to run our government last administration). We need to realize that these people are buffoons and they don't get media voice equal to Serious People. And we need to make choices. What is troubling is that estimates of the Second Coming crowd are 20% of the US population in some areas.


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