Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Thanks, Liberal Media!

I saw in the paper today that Obama's presidency hangs in the balance over Afghanistan. Let's see, that makes the economic recovery necessary his first "hanging in the balance" moment. Health care as his Waterloo. and now the Afghan war. So in one year, he has had three, "your Presidency rides on this" moments. So let's look at this seriously.

Less than one year in the office--trying to get health care through that hasn't happened in 60 years, inheriting two wars that were "off the books", having an economic collapsed that included the collapse of two of the Big Three's sales and manufacturing, Wall Street going belly up, foreclosure and mortgage crises. And the last President--got a pass on starting an illegal war in Iraq (The Guardian has done a tremendous job reporting he tried to start the war well before 9/11, but do you hear that in the American Press, nope), let Osama go (so could have a devil to vilify to keep the war drums pounding), keep the wars off the books, presided over the worst enemy attack on American soil since the War of 1812 and let the economy go in the tan k on his watch. And the press still talks to the losers who came up with those policies. What? Kind of like talking to the losingest coach in history and asking for his opinion about the USC Trojans. What? Like what they have to say is valid. I don't get the face time, let alone that comments by the previous administration are not preceded by saying "You have created the worst foreign policy mess since Vietnam" and what do you say about this, or "you have created the worst economic downturn in the history of this country since the Depression" so we should listen to your economic advice why? The Fourth Estate needs to grow a pair and report. In my nightmares I am reminded of Rumsfeld stating that the WMDs are somewhere north, south, east or west of Tikrit and no one excoriated him for that. Hell, they are somewhere north, south, east or west of Youranus, too. Can you say, can't find your ass with both hands, but nobody challenged anyone on this!!!!! and now Obama's presidency hangs in the balance. Puhlease. If there were any testicles out there, more than Mike Mulloy would be asking for inquiries into war crimes publicly.

Thanks Liberal Media!


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