Sunday, October 25, 2009

Quarterly Book Club!

I just finished reading the book The Family. It took me forever. I got lost in some of the chapters about Jonathan Edwards, and too often In had to put the book down as I read how fundamentalism changed from a populist and giving movement to an elitist movement. It helped destroy organized labor in the Northwest as businessmen promoted themselves as benevolent fathers to the workers. Yes, trickle down lasts as long as there is benevolence and not greed. But in the "Jesus plus one" premise of the Family, as long as Jesus was there for you, you can act in any way you feel is valid. These religious anus-brains backed Pinochet, Somalia war lords and more because they shared prayers in the name of Jesus.

I am sorry. I studied comparative religions too long trying to find universals in human spiritual life to accept that. I have visited ashrams, done circle dances with communities, took part in Universal Unity events, lived in a quasi-nondenominational spiritual community, practiced reiki and so on for years and years and years. I also know that Christ said "Judge not, lest ye be judged." or something close to that. Well, I am going to judge that these dipshits in the Family do know that you shouldn't judge. and prayer cells with the ethical monsters of foreign or home grown ethical monsters is nice. and conversion and softening of haearts will take time in many cases. but, BUT!

certain assholes do not need to be coddled!!!!!!! I was so mad as I read how in Seattle the labor movement was crushed as certain preachers realized and rationalized that those with money have the ethics and the gift from God to be in positions of power I had to quit reading. They were memebers of the lucky sperm club and nothing more. I heard that crap at the last intentional community I lived in. That certain people were blessed by God and that is why they have such money. No, they have that much money because they have not opened their pocketbooks to their fellow brothers and sisters in the community and live in a completely different standard than others. and then because they have world-wiseness, they get to be on Boards and dictate how much of a dole others should get. They get $250,000 houses and others live three to a dorm room. and haver to schedule life according to the availability of the motor pool. If they can afford to go out. Yeah, fucking great.

Welcome to compassionate conservatism!

I did learn in the book the way that prayer cells and such are organized, which was news to me. and explains many of my co-workers actions.

It was a worthwhile read and I highly recommend it to others.


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