Friday, March 13, 2009

Wow! Oh, Wow!

Yes, normally it cars, water news and toones. Or laughing uproariously as Jon Stewart cleans the clock of Jim Cramer.

But two nights ago I was walking through my house with Keith Olbermann on in the background and I heard him mention to Howard Feinman executive death squads that report to Dick Cheney. I stopped in mid stride and tried to breath. Here, in America, death squads? WTF? The following are last nights reports as more details and analysis came out.

I look at this and cringe. The implications are monstrous. Granted, not as many people disappeared as did during Pinochet's reign of terror. And I am not naive enough to believe the US did not overthrow a duly-elected democratic government in Iran (hmm, I wonder why they are mad at us) and Chile. Yes, we did. And we should do better and NEVER do anything like this again. The talk is now that there may have been ten targets out there in foreign countries.

And the CIA was operating in the United States. On its own citizens.

Okay, maybe I am little crazy and suspicious, but it sounds to me like the last administration took advantage of a disaster in order to grab MORE power. Warrantless wiretaps on citizens soon followed 9/11. Okay, it actually preceded it. So thye were a paranoid group, to say the least. And records of who they were wiretapping still remains a mystery. Not being a generally trusting soul, I ma guessing that is one way the 2004 Presidential race was run. The republicans seemed one step ahead because they were stealing information. No question in my mind. The "Decider Commandeer Guy" was too much a buffoon who appointed similar true believers and idiots to most posts. Cheney was shrewd behind-the-scenes manipulator. Ashcroft ran away because he knew who he would have to prosecute. Hence, Alberto the Clown.

But then I start thinking about things that happened in the US. Ken Lay states he will testify to save his ass in his prosecution and damned if he does not commit suicide. The DC Madam states emphatically that if she is ever found dead, it will not be suicide. Then she is found dead from suicide. Paul Wellstone dies in a plane crash. Ted Kennedy was to be on that plane, but something came up. Mike O'Connell was going to testify on what happened to the White House emails and why the Ohio election control was given by the Ohio State Election official to the same server that runs the Republican Party servers in Tennessee (oh yes, the fix was definitely in in 2004.) Oops, he died in a plane crash. Too much coincidence. It's like talking to a teenager and seeing the same pattern over and over again. You they did something, but don't have the time and wherewithal to prove it. You know it is there.

Do we need a Truth Commission. Oh My God YES!!!! and no immunity. as a constitutional lawyer stated recently, the US was a dictatorship for seven years and few knew it.


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