Tuesday, June 24, 2008


So Focus on the Family's Dobson calls Obama the fruitcake for his confused theology. This, coming from the mouth of "I can can cure any homosexual in ten easy lessons" Dobson. Remember, his prize student was then caught in picture going to gay clubs (he was going there to save their souls). Yeah, that James Dobson. And Obama is confused?

I have never understood the link between Christianity and the quotation (and belief) of the Old Testament. Wasn't the Sermon on the Mount Jesus supposed to be the New Covenant? It is like the most repressive believers need to have a vindictive and all-powerful, vindictive, kick ass god to believe. Not a god who loves people like a dirty hippy.

Remember when corner preachers who barked nonsense were shunned. Now they get mega-churches and presidential visits. Try to watch Hagee some day and tell me how uplifting his theology is. I have done that twice and was amazed he has any followers.


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